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Are you writing to inspire, share a healing story, educate on health and wellness or just driven by an inner desire to share a spiritual message? Then BJK Publishing is the new generation publishing destination for you. We specialize in self-help books including books on alternative health, alternative medicine, food and nutrition, men’s and women’s health, therapy manuals, herbology, meditation,  mind-body-spirit, new thought, spirituality, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual psychology, psychic abilities, psychic development, intuition, past life recollections, spiritual journey testimonies, spiritual encounters, reincarnation, energy work, Reiki, yoga, fitness, chakras, sacred sexuality, spirit guides, Shamanism, Kemetic Spiritual Science, African Spiritual Science, astrology, nature, the environment, and African History.


We want to publish books that promote holistic health with a focus on creating balance in the four aspects of whole human existence in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We publish mainly non-fiction, however we will consider children's cookbooks fiction, photography and poetry.

Some of our best-selling titles are: Veggie Delights: Recipes for Holistic Health Eating Live for Maximum Nutrition and Wellness by K. Akua Gray, Holistic Sexuality: A Practical Guide to Sexual Healing by K. Akua Gray, and Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Level One by Rekhit Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet.

BJK authors enjoy the benefits of our hard working team of book lovers by utilizing our "4 Steps to Success" approach. The BJK publishing package includes: 


Step 1

  • Editorial Assessment

  • B&W Interior, Color Cover

  • Image Insertions/Text Treatments

  • Interior Book Design

  • Cover Design

  • Personalized Back Cover

  • E-book Formatting and Distribution


Step 2

  • ISBN Assignment

  • U.S. Copyright Registration

  • Library of Congress Control Number


Step 3

  • Complimentary Author Copy

  • Author Volume Discounts


Step 4

  • Press Release

  • Promotional Materials

  • Premium Book Video

  • Personalized BJK Bookstore Page

  • Included in BJK Annual Catalog

  • Sold on

  • Online Book Ads via Google - 60 Days

  • Worldwide Book Distribution


Tools to Use

  • Book Signing Kit

  • Social Media Publicist


BJK publishes trade paperback, and eBook/print-on-demand originals. We pay standard royalty and publish an average of 12–18 months after acceptance. We generally report in four weeks on queries; six weeks on manuscripts.

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