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Holistic Health Selections

Become sexually enlightened!  Holistic Sexuality is the key to free flowing sexual energy that makes relationships, family and living aligned with the highest principles of balance.


What's HOT!

"Holistic Sexuality"

Learn the step by step process to enlightening self-care with Naturopathic Reiki I as your guide to Opening the Way for improved spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.

What's Special!

Naturopathic Reiki I

By K. Akua Gray

New Arrivals

"Light As A Feather"

By Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet

When we do our best to honor these laws, we keep our hearts as light as a feather.

Nikala Asante

Every teenager can benefit from this book. It will move the spirit to embrace truth.

Getting High

BJK is committed to enabling health and wellness writers and independent wellness publishers to reach their fullest potential. Learn more about us and why you should become  a part of the family.

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